Further evidence that I need to get out more

Here is some evidence that I’ve been spending a bit too much time playing with my computer animation toys.

Our house is on the side of a mountain, and the view was one of the main reasons we bought it. Yesterday, Deana called me over to look at a particularly beautiful sunset and the first thing to cross my mind was, “Global illumination. Man, that’s gonna kill your render times”.

UPDATE: FruitBat sez, “Render time isn’t a problem for God because he uses his big network of suns”.

Behold the Long Tail in action

In the six days since I uploaded that silly Zombie Comedian video to YouTube, it’s been watched 123 times and marked as a favorite by two people. Okay, one of those people was FruitBat and he only did it because he’s my friend but… hey, I got one!

This blog has, at most, ten subscribers. Deana mentioned it on hers, which probably got me another 25 hits. This means that, in less than one week, close to 100 people found it on their own.

Seriously, does content get any more niche than a zombie standup comedian?

PS – Yes, Deana has more readers than me. This is because, as Bob likes to remind me, she’s funny and I’m not.

No such thing as bad press, indeed

Everybody’s going on about how this Chevy promotion has been hijacked, man, and used in ways they never intended.

Come on, this is exactly what they had in mind. They got all of the usual people to do all of the usual stuff, but now they get extra traffic as well.

Without this “negative” stuff, it’s highly unlikely that people like me would ever even know that this promotion existed, let alone send people like you to it. How much extra traffic did that get them at ZERO cost?

Samurai on the Roof

In case the rabbit wasn’t enough to turn your day around, here’s some video that will definitely do the trick.

It’s a Japanese theater company rehearsing Fiddler on the Roof.

Rosie O’Donnell said that Grease was jury duty for actors, so maybe the UN is making them do it. Or it could be part of that Jewish Conspiracy I’m always hearing about (and how come I never get invited to the meetings?).

May God bless the Internet for giving me wonderful things like this.