So much for ‘Do No Evil’

Vodkapundit has a great post about Google and China. I don’t agree with everything he’s got to say, but I’ll give him megadittoes on this one (that’s what you people say, right? “megadittoes”?).

I agreed with the article anyway, but what really made my morning was this:

I received an email yesterday about AOL’s history with Beijing. It was sent confidentially from someone who was in a position to know. I can give any details without getting permission from the sender first, but let me say this: Offered a deal like Google got, AOL refused. Good on them.

Wow, way to go us. Google’s new slogan should be, “Less Ethical Than AOL”. Got a nice ring to it. It’ll look great on a business card.

As always, when searching for the perfect quote, I refer to Talmud. Thus spake the Great Rabbis:

Bart: “Way to go, Dad, I feel….what’s the opposite of shame?”

Marge: “Pride?”

Bart: “No, not that far from shame.”

Homer: “Less shame?”

Bart: “Yeah.”