Data Without Borders Podcast – Episode 5

ps.gbzcmoam.170x170-75.jpgData Without Borders is a weekly podcast about data portability, online identity, information authority, and all kinds of other cool stuff.

It’s very interesting.

The regulars this week are J. Trent Adams, Christian Scholz, and me. Elias has mysteriously gone missing (after muttering something about Las Vegas), but Eve Maler generously agreed to stop by in his absence. We hope she’ll become a regular.

Most of this episode is spent discussing the work of the TOS/EULA task force that I chair – which is way more interesting than you think it would be – so I end up doing much more talking in this one than I usually do. Eve later described the conversation as “passionate“, which I have decided to take as a compliment.

Show notes and download links here. 

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Data Without Borders is an updated version of the In Motion series that J. Trent Adams and I did back in 2008. I’m very proud of those, so give them a listen if you haven’t already.

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