Your Table is Flat

We had noodles for dinner the other night. Not just any noodles, they were fresh ones made in Japan. This never ceases to amaze me, and the kids and I spent a little time imagining the the trip these noodles had made. They’d come half way around the world just to be our dinner.

This led to an observation: Almost nothing on our dinner table was made or grown anywhere near us.

The plates were made in Malaysia, the glasses are from Italy and Turkey, the flatware comes from Germany, the table cloth was from El Salvador and the napkins were made in Guatemala. The noodles were from Japan. The tofu and veggies were from California.

How about you? Take a look at your dinner table tonight. Where did all that stuff come from?

1 thought on “Your Table is Flat”

  1. Tablecloth? Napkins? Excuuuuuse me, Your Majesty, but we’re not fancy people.

    And where’s Patrick?

    But my real answer is: China.

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