How Galactica Will End

I think that I’ve figured out how Battlestar Galactica will end.

This is all wild speculation, of course, but I think that it not only fits but would be amazing television.

I know that some of you don’t like to think about this stuff and don’t want to potentially ruin the surprise, so it’s behind a “more” link. Click below to bask in my cleverness.

Still here? Good.

I predict that

  • Near the end of the season, the Colonials and Cylons arrive at the Earth
  • Adama’s role in history was to show the Cylons the way to earth, not the Colonials
  • Thus it is revealed that William Adama, Colonial Admiral and bedrock of the surviving humans, is also the fifth and final Cylon.
  • In the final episode, the Cylons kill the last of the Colonials
  • The big, final reveal is that it was the Cylons who ultimately populated the Earth, and we are descended from them, not the Colonials

So say we… um… So says me.

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