Today’s Douche of the Day Award Goes To…

Continuing today’s “I love people” theme, say hello to Tomas Delgado. Mr. Delgado was speeding, back in 2004, when he struck and killed a 17 year old boy.

Iriondo Trinidad’s father told CNN he heard the screeching of the car from the campgrounds. The teen was struck from behind and dragged 106 meters (347 feet) along the rural highway, the father said.

A traffic report said Delgado was traveling 113 km per hour (70 mph) in an area where the speed limit is 90 km (55 mph). An independent expert hired by Trinidad’s family said Delgado was going 173 km per hour (107 mph).

[full story]

Clearly a tragedy for everyone involved. You see, it seems that the act of striking and killing the boy had also caused some damage to Mr. Delgado’s car. So de did what anyone would do.

He sued the family of the boy he’d killed. To pay for repairs to his car.

He has since been convinced to drop the suit, but his place in history is secure. Congratulations, Mr. Delgado, you are the Puzzling Evidence Douche of the Day. You’ve earned it.

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