I Love People

I repeat that, over and over again, to remind myself. Because sometimes I forget.

This morning, for instance.

Kimberly-Clark has been running a contest where you buy lots of their stuff and maybe win some home improvements. Fine, but somebody signed up using an email address in a domain I control. Since it’s not a valid address, the emails all bounce to me. Great, somebody doesn’t want to get spammed so they make it my problem. Grrrrr. I looked around for an “unsubscribe me” link, but there was none to be found.

What’s this? One of the emails has a login ID and password. That’s… curious.

The domain looked legit, so I logged in (just to unsubscribe from the emails). Check the profile to see if it’s just some spammer. Uh-oh, it’s real. Personal info. Phone number, home address, everything. Drat.

It seems that an older gentleman, let’s call him Phil*, had created an account but used my email domain. I figured that I owed it to the guy to let him know that he should change his email (and now his password), so I called.

I was exceptionally polite, introduced myself, referred to him as “Mr.”, told him that he’d put down the wrong email address, and requested that he change it.

Of course he was polite to me in return and thanked me for bringing the mistake to his… *sigh* No.

He did not like this phone call. He did not like me. It was his email address. He repeated the name. The address was his name, he explained, and could not be mine. I have a different name, so why would his name be my address? And who am I again?

Yes, sir, but the domain is….

He was having none of it.

This went on for a while. Then a bit longer. I am very proud of myself for remaining polite and respectful for the entire time.

Eventually, of course, he won.

He has no intention to change his email address. When he tells his version of this story, I’m probably some scam artist who tried to scam him into some scam. He’s about my dad’s age (mid-60s), so I really don’t have the heart to do anything about it. I will create a filter rule to send the emails to trash, and that’s the end of it.

Why? Because I. LOVE. PEOPLE.

[*] This is convenient, because his name is also “Phil”. I find that this approach keeps things simple.

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