Rewind the world

The other day, Deana and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. The cat knocked a bunch of stuff off the dining room table, and tore through the room. Standard cat stuff. I laughed, but Deana missed the whole thing.

TiVo has trained me to handle that, though!

My first instinct was to grab for the remote and just rewind to show her what had happened. Umm… Doesn’t work on the cat. My hand was half way there before I realized what I was doing. D’oh! Stupid brain.

When I told Deana about this, she said that she sometimes imagines clicking on the laundry and just dragging it to the “Upstairs” folder. Way easier than carrying it.

1 thought on “Rewind the world”

  1. About twice a month I approach the door to my house and double click the unlock button on my car key fob. FYI, my house doesn’t have that technology.

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