Switching from Quicken to Microsoft Money because I like PayTrust

I know that’s not a particularly pithy title, but I want to do my best to make this one show up in search results. This post should really be called something like, “How to Make Loyal Customers Hate Your Guts” or “What the Hell are they Thinking?

So anyway, I am a fan of the bill pay service PayTrust. I’ve been a customer for about seven years, and recommended the service without hesitation. Reasonable price, works as advertised. I also use Quicken, so I was actually pleased when Intuit bought PayTrust. Great, I naively thought, they’ll integrate the products and it’ll get even better!

That was in early 2005.

Did they integrate?

They did not.

Not only did they fail to integrate, but Quicken actually went so far as to drop the QIF format which PayTrust exports. The result is that in order to use Quicken I have to enter all of my PayTrust transactions manually, which pretty much defeats the purpose of using it in the first place.

So, to sum up: Intuit went out of their way to make sure that two products they own don’t work with one another.

Why doesn’t PayTrust support Quicken’s preferred OFX format? I have no idea. I even found the product manager and tried to make the case. No dice.

They forced me to choose. Do I stick with Quicken, or do I stick with PayTrust?

Anyway, after realizing that I don’t do anything with Quicken other than track my spending, I decided to look at the others. Microsoft Money looks ok, and it imports QIF. GnuCash might be a contender as well.

Quicken, you are Dead To Me.

Anyway, I will think long and hard before ever purchasing another product from Intuit. Great work, guys.

Does this make any sense to anyone?

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