I agree with the diversity policy of my company

I do, seriously. I’m right there with you. No argument. People should face no discrimination in the workplace because of their race, religion, skin color, or sexual orientation. Hiring and promotions should go to the most qualified people. Shibboleth. It’s good business. As a Jew, I personally benefit from policies of inclusiveness. I already agreed when you hired me (five years ago), and I still do today.

Can you please stop selling it to me now? Can we please talk about something else… just for a little while? I wish that I could get a little button or a lapel pin that says “I’m IN!”. Maybe a little check box on my driver’s license so that I don’t need to hear about it anymore. Is there a test I can take?

If I don’t attend the Diversity Empowerment Team’s weekly speaker series of black women talking about how they overcame the problems in their lives, it’s not because I don’t think that those struggles are real. It’s not because I don’t think that those people’s stories are worth telling. It’s because, well, I have work to do. I’m happy for them that things worked out. Really. I wish them well.

Ok, this is a dangerous topic so I’m going to make myself perfectly clear here: I support diversity in my workplace as it has been defined by my employer. Really. I just wish they spent a bit less time shoving it down my throat.

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  1. Let’s have lunch soon. I need to vent my frustrations as a lonely Asian employee struggling against the racial oppression. I say let’s unite the Jews and the Asians. We can be kick some ass but do it without spending more than we have to.

    On that note, we are hosting the Chinese Harvest Moon Festival luncheon in HQ. Free mooncakes! First 100 get their shirt laundered for free and be sure to mention my name to get extra starch!

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