I wonder if I get a cape

So I’m traveling to London for work. The usual peon rooms are all booked, so they’re putting me in a Super King Executive Suite.

It’s my first trip to England, and there’s all kinds of stuff that I don’t know. I mean, what are the duties of Super King? Am I supposed to fight crime? Do I get a sidekick? Am I licensed to kill? I bet the room has all kinds of cool science gizmos and an underground lair. I think it’s pretty well known that science is better when it’s underground.

I need to start working on a theme song.

I can’t wait to get over there and start being King. Where are my Monkey Butlers? What do you mean you don’t have any Monkey Butlers? Super King demands Monkey Butlers! In hats! And a pony! And have one of the monkeys ride on the pony when he brings me the TV remote! To heck with that, I’m far too busy to watch TV. Have one of the monkeys watch TV for me, as well. But I’ll tell him what channel. Take that, monkeys.

Best of all: I’m not just the Super King, I’m the Super King EXECUTIVE. I bet that means I get to boss the other Super Kings around. I will be a cruel boss, but fair. And cruel. The other Super Kings will resent me at first, but over time my heroic deeds and brutal cruelty will win them over.

Too bad it’s only a three day trip.

This is going to be GREAT!

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