No, I’m From Iowa. I Only Work In Outer Space.

The new Battlestar Galactica is made from pure, undiluted awesomeness that has been distilled into a concentrate and then dried, ground, fermented with herbs and spices, and finally reconstituted with fresh awesomeness. It’s an amped up, uber-awesomeness that shows how hollow and empty everything previously thought to be awesome really was.

The last few episodes of the “mini season” had been merely so-so, however, and I was starting to worry that they’d run out of steam. I loved the resistance on New Caprica episodes, but the “final five” bit got really strange (and not in a good way), and I was starting to worry that they were going Twin Peaks on me.

Last night’s episode proves that they haven’t lost any of what made the show great. It was six months worth of plot and excitement, packed into forty minutes of TV.

What makes the show so appealing is that it focuses on the humanity of the story. The science fiction stuff is just window dressing, and often provides only the barest of pretense for the stories. It’s a show about love and honor, about people making catastrophic mistakes and living with the consequences, and about how sometimes there are truly hard decisions with only bad choices available — intelligently written and well acted.

It’s got all of that AND killer robots, beautiful women, space battles, betrayals, and ray guns!

Best. Show. EVAR.

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