Great Moments In Corporate Decision Making

Serenity was one of the first movies that actively chased internet buzz. The studio courted fans of the TV show, and provided them with all sorts of promotional images and materials.

The fans ate it up, and created a huge amount of free advertising. They made clothing, posters, and did everything they could to support the film.

It wasn’t enough. The rabid and vocal fan base didn’t translate into big box offince numbers. Sure, you could point to the fact that the movie was just so-so, but that smacks of defeatism. No, what’s needed here is a strategy that makes absolutely clear who was responsible for the failure.

Clearly, there’s only one thing for the studio to do.

Sue the fans.


1 thought on “Great Moments In Corporate Decision Making”

  1. Sounds logical for a corporation.. they’ll try to make money any way they can, that is for certain.. even sueing people who’ve helped their business, simply because those people are obviously taking a cut of their owned property.
    Capitalism is like the oppisote of Nihilism.

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