The resemblence is uncanny!

DP sends along this video, wondering if it’s me.


I spend a lot of time naked so I can see why he’d think we were similar, but no. To get me you’d coat him in a thick pelt, add 50 pounds and a bunch of zits, then don’t let him shave for a week.

Actually, I think that this next one is closer to the experience of having me around. He looks nothing like me, but fast forward to 1:30 which is when he totally channels my essence. Stick a coffee cup in his hand, and this is what you get if I show up in your meeting.


It’s like looking in a mirror.

2 thoughts on “The resemblence is uncanny!”

  1. There is something horribly wrong with you. You probably know this already. The trouble is, I think its the same thing that’s wrong with me. Which is sort of tragic. I was really hoping that I was single handedly carrying this misery for the rest of the world. Oh well. Now, I can go out in the yard and play with my Pez soldiers.

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