3.0 and Counting

This whole mess began when Phil Wainewright got to babbling about Web 3.0 on his blog yesterday afternoon.

Rael Dornfest and Tim O’Reilly heard about it and, not to be outdone, declared Web 4.0 over pizza last night at Il Fornio.

Gates has satellites monitoring them at all times, so he knew almost instantaneously and responded to their escalation with Web 4.5 ASP Server Longhorn Edition Pro at around midnight. He dispatched his Black Ops Ninja PR troops to infiltrate The Gartner Group, so every Fortune 500 CEO had heard of it by 2am and were clamoring for consultants.

Om Malik, David Hornik, Naval Ravikant, and Joi Ito each sensed weakness in the others and attempted to up the ante. By 6am, we were up to Web 8.0. The frenzy led to a few uncomfortable moments, such as when Ravikant and Hornik both tried to declare Web 5.8 at the same time. Awkward.

Once it hit We Make Money Not Art and BoingBoing things started to pick up speed.

By sunrise, we’d hit Web 10.0 and the VCs were lined up at SFO to hand checks to people as they arrived. The police were called when a few of them were caught slipping term sheets into INS new-arrival paperwork, but Vinod Khosla was called in to negotiate and the situation was defused without violence. At one point there was talk of blocking the southbound 101 and not letting anyone pass without accepting an investment, but cooler heads prevailed and they settled on the 280.

By my own estimation, we’ll be at Web 35.2 by Tuesday.

I suggest that those of you on the west coast stock up on supplies.

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