I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords

DP, who really needs a better nickname, sent along this crazy cool video of a robot that starts out as a car but then stands up and walks.

I totally need one of these because the monkey butler just isn’t working out. He refuses to wear his little hat and, instead of bringing me mojitos he just drinks them himself and then throws the glass at my head. And he puts too much rum in them! Really, whoever heard of a banana mojito in the first place? I think he made it up. Stupid monkey.

Anyway, a robot butler would be awesome. He’d wear a little hat and bring me mojitos with precisely the correct amount of rum to six decimal places. Best of all, his mojitos won’t smell like monkey poop and he’ll never get drunk and try to make me his special monkey friend.

Yup. A robot butler. What could possible go wrong?

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