This is why tuition is so cheap

Honestly, I don’t know why I hear so many complaints about Wal-Mart. I love the place. Yeah, ok, you save four percent, big deal. That’s just the start.

The real draw for me is the show; the cast is just amazing. I love that “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” thing that they do, where you’re surrounded by actors pretending to be real people. The performances are incredible, and they’ve scripted wonderful, little morality plays to show you what life would be like if the people around you were replaced by monsters. You really believe that this woman is being cruel to those tiny children, that the workers blink “torture” in morse code, and that somebody would actually sell a gun to Travis Bickle over there.

Seriously, it’s uncanny. Thank god it’s not real. Stay in school, kids.

Anyway, check out How Wal-Mart Is Like Academia
by James Joyner. The parallels are pretty funny, and not just because they support my contempt for that through the looking glass world we call ‘The Academy’.

Because the academic market is so tight, universities have adopted virtually the same attitude toward aspiring professors as Wal-Mart does to prospective stockers. They demand heavy teaching loads, substantial committee work, a rigorous pace of professional publication — and offer rather paltry salaries. And that’s for people who have, on average, twenty-two or more years of schooling.

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