The 770 sucks, except when it doesn’t

So I’ve had my Nokia 770 for about two weeks now.

  • The screen is every bit as gorgeous as you’ve heard. Movies and photos look startlingly good. Text is readable even at small font size.
  • Having a web browser (Opera) with you all the time is great.
  • With FBReader installed it’s the first usable ebook reader I’ve tried (thanks to portrait mode and that amazing screen).
  • The battery life is surprisingly long.
  • It’s based on debian, and you can get to a shell.
  • It even works with my Frogpad.

So… I love it?

Well, kind of. Calling the software beta quality is generous: It crashes, the included email client is an abomination, the built-in RSS reader is barely usable, and it’s slow. Really slow. Slower than that. The on-screen keyboard is usable, but it’s handwriting recognition would embarrass a

Yes, I know, they can fix all of these things. If they slap in some more RAM and a faster processor, and fix the crasher bugs it’ll be the killer device of the decade. Version 2 of this thing is going to mop up. I’m just amazed that a shipping product has this many fundamental problems.

It does two things well. It’s a marvellous eBook reader and a good web browser (Opera). Luckily those are the two things I care about.

So, yeah, I love it. Like you didn’t know. It’s nerdvana.

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